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Reasons to Use a Battery Charging Case

We practically live on our phones, so keeping them charged can be a challenge sometimes. And you never feel this more than when you have 5% battery left to snap an amazing video or make an important phone call. Batteries naturally have a limited lifespan, and some of the newest phones don’t have replaceable batteries, so when the battery starts becoming weaker and holds less of a charge, what do you do? Sure, you could carry your charging cable with you, or get a mobile charger, but that just adds another device to have to carry around until you need..  - Read More

7 Tips for a Tech-Equipped Dorm Room

It’s the new school year, and you’re settling into your own space for possibly the first time, or going back after a summer of fun! Whether it’s a dorm on campus or an apartment nearby, this is a chance for you to make a space truly your own. Even if you have a roommate, these tips will help the both of you stay connected and inspire you to be more productive. Have a Charging Station: You should have a place where all of your devices can live and stay charged. You don’t want your laptop, phone, tablet, e-reader, or wearables scattered..  - Read More

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