In order to register your product for the Alpatronix Extended Warranty, you will need to fill out this form completely and accurately. Errors in filling out this form may cause your registration to not go through.

Please make sure your contact information is filled out accurately. If there are any problems with the information in this form, we may use that information to contact you.

We NEVER sell your information or SPAM you.

Important Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer is only available to the original purchaser or gift recipient of the Alpatronix product.
  2. This offer is only available to consumers and excludes corporate, businesses or government purchases.
  3. Not all Alpatronix products are eligible for this offer.
  4. Extended Warranty registration is valid only if registered within 14 days of purchase.
  5. Limit one registration per customer per product.
  6. Warranty is only extended to brand new items purchased. It excludes refurbished or used item purchases.
  7. Warranty service will only be provided within the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska.
  8. Extended Warranty is Non-transferable. Only the named individual will be eligible to claim.
  9. All registrations must include valid order ID.
  10. Only products purchased directly from Alpatronix through one of its sales channels are eligible.
  11. This warranty does not cover mistreatment of or damage to the product as well as normal wear and tear.
  12. Once a valid claim is submitted, claimant must return the original item to Alpatronix via a secure shipping method, at claimants cost.
  13. Alpatronix will repair the product, or provide a refurbished item with a condition equal or better than the item claimed.
  14. Registration submissions are not reviewed, but will be evaluated for accuracy at the time of claim. Claims may be denied if any of the conditions above are not met.

If you agree to the terms and conditions above, please proceed to fill out the form: