Introducing iPhone Battery Cases by Alpatronix

For additional hours of charging without the hassle of carrying a power bank and charging cable while you are outside, the right iPhone battery cases will provide extra screen time while still being lightweight and portable. 

Key Features to Consider

1. Size and Capacity

Alpatronix battery cases for iPhones are the best because they feature an ultra slim and lightweight design. This design allows for easy installation as well. If you generally use your iPhone for GPS, stream lots of videos, or scroll and chat through social media, then you need a battery case to allow you extended use of your iPhone. For most mobile phones, a battery case of up to 3000 mAh is sufficient to allow enough charge to last the entire day. A battery with 5000mAh offers one complete charge to most phones, and a  high-capacity 10000mAh case must completely charge your mobile twice if you are camping.

2. Lightning Port

While Alpatronix battery cases support universal wireless charging and wired charging, most others in the market require being plugged in through a lightning port or other USB input. Also while Alpatronix battery cases allow for charging, syncing, and CarPlay while your phone is in the case, other battery cases in the market require you to remove your phone from the case for those functions. With Alpatronix battery cases, you can use the lightning cable to charge the phone and the case, use it in the car for Apple CarPlay, or sync data using your laptop or desktop.

3. Screen Protector

The best battery case also safeguards your iPhone from damage. All Alpatronix battery cases come with a screen protector to offer you 360-degree protection for your phone..

4. Wireless Charging

People nowadays are used to wireless charging. Therefore, having a battery case that charges both through a wireless charger and a charging cable is a great option. While wireless charging is slower than charging with a cable, it is a more convenient  choice.

5. Other Features

Every Alpatronix iPhone battery case is made to make sure you get complete access to your iPhone while it is in the case. The battery case features cutouts for speakers, built-in buttons to increase and decrease the phone’s volume, a mute switch, etc. Also, these cases are equipped with four status LEDs. When all the LEDs are lit, the case is fully charged. This feature helps you check the battery power and know whether the case needs charging.

Ultimately, all Alpatronix iPhone battery cases fit your phone properly and are 100% compatible with all its features. They are one-piece designs  where you can slide your phone in, where it connects with the lightning connector of the case, and can be found in our iPhone battery cases page, but make sure to buy the one that is compatible with your iPhone model. You can check the compatibility on the individual product pages. All battery cases have different sizes, features, and specs. Make sure to check that it will fit your phone before clicking "add to cart."