About Us: From Passion to Profession-

From the introduction of the first smartphone, the founders of Alpatronix have always been captivated by these magical devices that let you control your world from the palm of your hands. For us, the evolution of the smartphone didn’t just change the way we function, it opened our eyes to what we want to do with our lives. We knew we wanted to create gadgets that make our beloved smartphones and mobile devices more enjoyable. So we set out to create high quality products and bring them to market at a price where everyone could enjoy; after all, isn’t that what a connected world is all about?

Like many passions, ours started in a humble garage and soon expanded to a company that employs a team of diverse and fun individuals who share the love of gadgets and people. Together, we have created a socially responsible company that cares more about the journey than a “means to an end”. We don’t want to just make gadgets, we want to make a difference; whether through our great customer service or our social causes. We are active with many great charities and donate $1 for every review that is left on one of our sales platforms. In the beginning, this equated to about 60 bucks… today we are proud to say we donate thousands of dollars a year to some awesome causes. We also look after our customers because we believe in relationships, not just sales. We have a 1-year warranty on all our products that trumps most industry standards. Our customer service department is located right at our headquarters in Southern California, where our team is familiar with the US customer service culture, making sure every customer has a positive experience. Whether you are a tech savvy person wanting to ask a quick question or someone buying their first Bluetooth device and looking for a live person to guide them step-by-step, we are here. If you don’t believe us, just call our customer service team and see for yourself.

In our quest to spread the love for gadgets all around the world, Alpatronix is constantly expanding and entering new markets. This year we opened our doors to our friends in Europe and are working on Canada, Asia/India, South America, Africa, and the Middle East next. We are always looking for strategic partners to help expand our family and build a mutually beneficial relationship with. If you are a retailer/distributor, online or brick-and-mortar, we welcome you to contact us in regards to becoming an Alpatronix partner and help us deliver quality products and superior customer service to all corners of the world.

Whether you buy from us or partner up with us, you're entering a socially responsible family devoted to quality products and extraordinary customer service. Give us a chance to turn these words into actions, we promise we wouldn’t let you down.

Mobile devices play a crucial role in our daily lives, and certainly much more than just phone calls. We use the technology to communicate, engage, or entertain, so they are woven into the landscape of the modern world. That’s where Alpatronix comes in, we design high quality, aesthetically pleasing and affordable mobile gadgets to better facilitate our interactions with our smart devices. In addition, they deliver that “California Cool” factor, adding style and innovation to your most beloved devices. We make sure our devices solve a common problem or expand on a mobile solution. We understand that times are changing and shopping is evolving. Recognizing this, we strive to keep our customers happy by giving them the personal attention, care, and support of the “old” way of shopping while tying in the speed, simplicity, and variety of the “new” way of shopping.

Vision: To expand the reach of our favorite mobile devices by creating high quality, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing gadgets that interface seamlessly with and simplify the use of our smart devices.