Amp Up Your Summer Fun

Summer is a wonderful season for family get togethers, hanging out with friends, and relaxing on the beach! With so much to do and plan for, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what to do.


Here are our favorite ideas for an exciting and eventful summer:


  • Going to the beach!

With the sun out and weather clear, the beach is one of the best destinations to go to when you have a weekend available. With bonfires, barbeques, volleyball, swimming, surfing, boogie boarding and dancing just to name a few ideas, the beach is a perfect environment for all sorts of fun! Our personal favorites are to do beach cook outs with music and dancing. We use our AX600 speaker to get the party started and going throughout the day with it’s 80W speaker output, we only need about 1 or 2 to have nice music all throughout our day as we chillax at the beautiful blue sea.


  • Have a BBQ!

If you have ever had a BBQ you know that it can sometimes be a pain to plan and put everything together but we say it is always worth it! The Summertime is perfect for a backyard bonanza with either friends, family, or both. Have some brews with buddies, and hamburgers with the family all while everyone is enjoying themselves. The best part is, the Sun doesn’t set too early in summer, so the festivities do not have to stop or slow down till later on in the day. Our favorite thing to do is to have our cooking stations going, everyone mingling, and the kids playing. All the while having some nice, smooth music setting the relaxed, laid-back vibe with our AX600 speaker with its two active tweeters and two produce incredibly clear sound with deep, enhanced bass. We even like to pair two AX600s together with its TWS feature, so that the whole party has music and not just one little area next to the house.



  • Go on a Road Trip!

Road trips can be so exciting! Summer being a great way to get away from the same old, same old routines a lot of us find ourselves it. Take a trip! Take a drive! Go out and see what you can find. Go explore a national park, a historical site, heck, even go visit some extended family out of state! All the while enjoying the sites, sounds, people, and situations you find yourselves in throughout the trip. When we make pit stops, have a picnic, or just rest, we always have our AX600 speaker ready to set the mood. If you are a music lover and love having your background jams going, this is the perfect outdoor speaker. It is has an IPX6 rating so it is very water resistant, and is shockproof! You do not even have to have a device paired with your speaker to enjoy your music, just insert TF card with your music on it and play from there.


Regardless of whichever activities you decide to go with this Summer, we recommend to get prepared by getting yourself an AX600 speaker:

This is our most powerful speaker to date, boasting the aforementioned 80W speaker, that can even go further to 100W when maxed out providing the oomph to your music when you need it to.


It is the only speaker in its class that includes all these functions:

  1. Powerful Bluetooth speaker
  2. Handsfree phone support
  3. TWS connectivity (pair 2 speakers for even more power)
  4. TF Card Input so you can directly play without pairing
  5. Flash Card Input because why not?!
  6. AUX input so you can play without pairing
  7. Waterproof for any splashes and water jets from any direction, & 8. NFC Touch Pairing.


So, what are you waiting for?! Get your AX600 and get the Summer Parties started!


Buy here: Link