Alpatronix HX200 Active Bluetooth Headset Review

Bluetooth headsets are some of the most useful accessories available for any smartphone or tablet that supports them. The Alpatronix HX200 Active Bluetooth Headset is a Bluetooth headset that molds to the shape of your head and fits snugly in your ears. The sleek design looks great when being worn and snaps the two halves together that makes them easy to carry.

The HX200's design is also fantastic for any activity--these won't fall off of your head whether you're cooking or out and about during an active day. Easy-to-access quick controls on the headphones themselves make it a cinch to change songs, raise or lower the volume, and answer calls. High-quality speakers offer a great listening experience. A good microphone ensures that you won't be misheard during important conversations. Noise-isolating ear buds for comfort round off the feature list.

Don't worry about running out of juice in the middle of a call or your favorite track either. The HX200 offers up to 5 straight hours of use and takes only 1 hour to charge. Charging is done with a micro-USB cable, which is the same kind used by popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy and HTC devices. Set-up with your favorite device takes no time at all.

Once you've paired with your phone, iPod, or tablet the headset will automatically reconnect whenever you turn it on. The only thing you can't do with this headset is swim or sweat because it's not waterproof.
The HX200 is compatible with all of your favorite tech brands. Apple, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, etc. all work with your headset right out of the box. Alpatronix backs up these claims with a 1-year warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you should be taken care of in the event of any unlikely problems. Overall, the HX200 is a high-quality, comfortable, easy-to-store Bluetooth headset that's suitable for any activity. The HX200 is available in both black and red.

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