Is the iPhone Smart Battery Case Waterproof?

Made with power users in mind, the iPhone smart battery case is one of the trendiest types of technologies. It allows today's users to no longer be concerned about the battery life of their Apple phones. Usually, it is a top-rated mobile phone case that features more battery cells. Therefore, it makes it possible for your iPhone (whichever model you have) to have a longer battery life, running nearly a day longer than it generally would.

And therefore, coming from Apple with silicon manufacturing, a lightning port, and wireless charging capacity, these smart battery cases stand out to be one of the greatest Apple battery cases out there. However, is the Apple smart battery case waterproof? Let’s check it out!

More about the Apple Smart Battery Case

Apple’s accessories joined an almost-developed marketplace that already incorporated battery cases from third-party sellers. However, Apple’s iOS integration and design decisions provide its version with some considerable perks over its competitors.

Smart Battery Case Design

The case usually contains silicone, the same as other cell phone cases, with a grippy yet soft exterior texture that provides a shield from bumps and drops. Moreover, it is lined with microfiber to safeguard the encased surface of the iPhone.

At the bottom, you can see a lightning connector that slots into the corresponding port of the iPhone. On the case’s exterior base is a lightning port that accepts the lightning connector for synchronization and charging.

There is a prominent square hump on the back, which consists of the additional battery. While other cases try to hide the cells, basically by making them larger, Apple battery cases choose to use as little physical volume as possible in the case’s manufacturing, producing a slim and lightweight case.

Available in several colors and sizes, every smart battery case suits their respective gadgets like a charm. The Apple smart battery cases have a hump starting at the top of the case. It significantly thickens the whole device and makes it heavier, too. However, for users who can get past that, the remaining design is quite sleek and available for Apple phones in several prints and colors.

Is the iPhone Smart Battery Case Waterproof?

No, it does not feature an IP water-resistance rating. So, it is not suggested that you place it in water.

Wrapping up

All in all, the iPhone smart battery case provides nearly everything a cell phone requires. It has a good enough battery life, an amazing combination with the interface of iPhones, lightning connectors, a wireless charging capacity, and different colors’ availability. For people who work long hours and find connecting cables to a power bank not at all convenient, the Apple smart battery case is worth using—that is, if you want to pay a good price.

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