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Alpatronix BX100 iPhone 4/4S Battery Charging Case (1900mAh Battery Capacity & MFi Apple Certified)

Overview: The Alpatronix BX100 iPhone 4/4S Battery Charging Case is a smart way of getting more power for your iPhone 4/4S on the go. Made of high quality material both where you can see and underneath its surface, the BX100 is a high quality product designed with the needs of the avid iPhone user in mind. This product is MFI certified by Apple for iPhone 4/4S. It has been designed to be compatible with all functions of iPhones 4 and 4S

Power: The BX100 can provide up to 70 _ 80% additional power to your iPhone when fully charged. The case can be activated by holding the power button down for 3 seconds. Pressing the button for less than 3 seconds will turn on the LED indicators so that you may check the battery charge level of your battery case. There are 4 LED indicators, each indicating an additional 25% power left in the case. When all 4 LEDs are turn on, the battery case is fully charged.

Charging: The battery case is designed to allow for charging of the phone and the case without taking the case off. When connected to the charger, the battery case will allowthe iPhone to fully charge, and then charge the built-in battery. Please note that due to additional batteries being charged, the overall charging process will take longer than charging just the iPhone alone. A 30-inch long MicroUSB has been provided in this product's packaging.

Protection: The BX100 is made of high quality material that has gone through extensive testing. It will protect all external surfaces of your iPhone, except for the screen. In our attempt to make this case as slim as possible, we have designed the case to be flush with the screen. However, for your screen protection, agood quality screen protector is included in the packaging of this device.


Dimensions - 2.45 (L) x .61 (W) x 5.0 (H), 2.3 Ounces
Charging Power Level: 1 Light = 25%, 2 Lights = 50%, 3 Lights = 75%, 4 Lights = 100%
Standard microUSB cable (can be used for data transfer for iOS and PC compatible devices such as Macbooks and Laptops to sync music and files to iTunes).

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