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Alpatronix AX400 Universal 6W Portable Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker

by Alpatronix SALE
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Alpatronix AX400 Universal 6-Watts Portable Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker with Dual Audio Drivers, Playback/Volume Controls and Rechargeable Battery (Up to 12+ Hours of Playback Time) - Two Color Options

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Overview: Alpatronix carries the all new AX400 wireless Bluetooth speakers. It's the high-tech portable Bluetooth speakers with incredible sound. The highly rated AX400 Bluetooth wireless speakers are portable wireless speakers with rich sound, streamlined looks and easy-to-use operation. With two built-in speakers, you get the ultimate stereo music delivery. The wireless Bluetooth speakers also include a USB-rechargeable battery, which means you can recharge your speakers from any computer USB port or USB charger.

The speakers are designed to go with you. Alpatronix engineers designed the AX400 to be compatible with all Apple computers and most non-Apple computers, and you can also use it with any Bluetooth compatible smartphones. The built-in microphone is also perfect for conference calls and hands-free calling.

The AX400 is the newest edition of the AX portable speaker series. Designed by highly trained and gifted sound engineers, this speaker provides quality in multiple aspects: sound, size, look, and ease of operation.

Premium Packaging: Perfect for gifts. Premium packaging is both environmentally friendly and recyclable as well as elegant, making this item perfect to give as a gift.

Sound Delivery: The AX400 features 2 built-in speakers that offer enhanced stereo sound delivery for music or other audio, and the built-in subwoofer, provides enhanced bass! The built-in USB-rechargeable battery can be charged using the provided USB cable, connected to any USB charger including most laptop or desktop USB ports. A fully charged battery can provide about 10-12+ hours of continuous playback time. The AX400 is compatible with all Apple products including MacBook, MacBook Pro, and all Apple desktops. It is also compatible with almost all other smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet series as well as Google Nexus. Hands-free capability: Simply answer/hang up calls using touch-screen controls. Talk directly to the speaker with the built-in microphone. Perfect for conference calls or vehicle hands-free purposes.

Size: This speaker has been designed with portability in mind. The speaker is only 4.72in x 2.87in x 2.28in, and can fit into a backpack, purse, suitcase, or a pocket if your pants are loose enough! It can also easily fit on a desk, under a monitor, bedside table, next to your bonfire, grill, or on any surface and at any indoor or outdoor activity.

Look: This speaker just looks cool! It's simple, modern, and vintage all at the same time. You can choose the Gray/Silver variety if you want it to stand out, or the Black on Black if you want it to blend in. Either way, it will look great and add class to its surroundings. Ease of Operation: The AX400 has physical touch button controls, which takes away all buttons except for the on/off switch! This provides for a more slick look! The speaker doesn't control your device volume, so it is recommended that you increase the volume on your device to maximum, and use the speaker to control the volume directly.


4.72" Length x 2.87" Width x 2.28" Height
10 ounces.
Bluetooth 4.0 
10-12+ Hours of Continuous Playback Time.
Built-In Rear-Facing Subwoofer.
Built-In Microphone.
USB Rechargeable Battery.
Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20KHz.
Touchscreen Playback Controls - Play, Pause, Skip Forward, Skip Back, Volume Up (+) Down (-).

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