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Alpatronix AX300 X-tra Strong Bluetooth Portable Mini Capsule Speaker

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Alpatronix AX300 X-tra Strong Bluetooth Capsule Speaker with handsfree for iPhone/iPod/iPad/smartphone (Bluetooth and headphone jack)

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It's hard to go wrong with the AX300 Xtra Strong Portable Speaker Capsule. With generous battery life and solid construction, these small Bluetooth speakers are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Pairing them with your phone or other compatible device is a snap, too. In fact, if you're looking for a great Bluetooth capsule speaker set to augment your mobile device's own speakers (or for stand-alone use in an office, dorm, bedroom, and so forth), the AX300 will be music to your ears. Check them out today!


The AX300 is the ultimate portable audio solution for any device in need of a sound boost! It is a great alternative to using the small speakers on your smartphone or digital media streaming device. These Bluetooth mini speakers can be paired via wireless Bluetooth or line-in feature.

Indoor/outdoor use:

This sleek and portable Bluetooth capsule speaker can easily fill up a room and works great just about anywhere and everywhere. Indoors, it can be used in your room, dorm, hotel, living room, kitchen, shower (not water resistant, keep away from direct contact with water), office, cubicle, or anywhere else!
Outdoors, it is a great product to use at parks, beaches, pools, bonfires, sporting activities, kids’ soccer practice, or any other individual/group outdoor activity.

Battery life/charging:
This amazing speaker delivers quality sound with deeper base than the standard speakers on your device.

The AX300 can be easily charged in 1-2 hours using any USB charger or output on your desktop or laptop.

The pairing process is simple and easy! If asked to enter a code, enter “0000”. Once paired, the wireless streaming range can be up to 30 feet.
You may also use the speaker in line-in mode if you wish to increase battery time. Simply turn the on/off switch to “Line” mode and use the cable provided.

Once paired with your phone, you no longer have to touch your device. You can virtually control everything using the multifunction toggle: Increase/decrease volume, skip forward/back, playpause your music/video, or even answer/hang up your incoming/outgoing calls. The speaker also has a microphone for Handsfree function in your conference room or in your vehicle!

Available in 2 colors: Black/Red


2.6" L x 2.5" W x 2" H
3.3 ounces.
Bluetooth Version 4.0
8-10 Hours of Continuous Playback Time.
Built-In Microphone.
USB Rechargeable Battery.


Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity

Alpatronix AX300 Bluetooth Speaker comes packed with the latest innovations in wireless connectivity, Bluetooth enabling this speaker to connect and pair in under 3 seconds and providing a wireless range radius of 30+ feet. Enjoy seamless, stutter free music without having to worry about tangled wires.

Hands Free Technology

AX300 comes with a high quality built-in mic and full HandsFree capability. Enjoy your music or take calls, all with this versatile device. You can answer/hang up calls, play/pause your music, and increase/decrease playback volume all directly from the speaker itself.

Long lasting Lithium-Ion Battery

A superior battery to enable 8-10 hours of continuous playback and exponentially more recharge cycles than previous batteries. The high quality lithium polymer battery is head and shoulders above the older lithium ion batteries, being both lightweight, and higher capacity.

Any Device, Anywhere

AX300 is fully compatible with all devices with Bluetooth or a 3.5mm Aux audio input. These include all Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod models as well as all Android and other compatible Smartphones and Tablet devices, PCs and MacBooks. PC compatibility may vary depending on what driver you have installed.

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