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We are looking for a talented Customer Service Specialist who will work directly with the Customer Service Supervisor and the Operations Manager, playing a key role in facilitating after-sales support to Alpatronix customers.

Note: This is not the type of customer service position at a call center. You will be working at home, but with great visibility and interaction with the company executives. If you are looking for a job where the bare minimum is sufficient, this is not your ideal position. We are a very customer-oriented company and gaining customer satisfaction is our first and foremost concern. Technical knowledge and ability to troubleshoot is a must, and good communications skills are key to success. A positive, outgoing, and friendly attitude, as well as having a warm and animated voice is a must for this position. Some technical product knowledge is required and training will be offered. For those looking for career growth, there are ample growth opportunities in this position. This position involves up to 2-weeks of paid in-office training before starting the work-at-home functions.

You are

  • A driven professional, a go-getter, and have a competitive and positive attitude
  • Experienced in customer service, planning, organizing, and multitasking
  • Are familiar with Microsoft office (emphasis on Word, Excel, and Outlook), and are able to work with telephone and computer
  • Able to accurately document various activities and provide regular verbal and written reports on various tasks and their outcomes
  • Have a positive attitude, motivation, high energy, dedication, and willingness to learn
  • Have excellent, polite, and friendly verbal and written communication skills, with good knowledge of internet commerce and social media
  • Able to gather and organize data for a variety of different purposes
  • Able to work with various departments and levels in a fast-moving, fast-growing company

Additional Information

The Customer Service Specialist will be operating under the supervision of the Customer Service Supervisor, and in close relationship with the Sales, and Marketing Departments. The incumbent will be responsible for gathering data on all customer input regarding Alpatronix products as well as their overall shopping experience. Works with other company members to ensure all customers have a satisfactory experience when shopping from Alpatronix.


    • Contract-based, and on a per-transaction basis


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    PO Box 17070 Anaheim, CA 92817 United States 888-407-7515

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