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Alpatronix BX150plus Apple MFi Certified iPhone 6/6S Plus Rugged Battery Charging Case

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Alpatronix BX150plus Apple MFi Certified Ultra-Slim Extended Protective Rugged Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus (5.5 inches)

Product User Manual: Click Here

Overview: Rechargeable, state of the art 4000mAh built-in battery effectively provides well over a 150% charge to your iPhone 6 Plus to last you the entire day. Only compatible with the 5.5 inch model.

Apple MFI Certified Chip is approved to work with all functions of your iPhone 6 Plus. Full compatible support with iOS 8 and future iOS software updates.

Ultra slim rubberized encasing provides complete protection and minimizes bulk. The BX150plus has gone through extensive testing for quality assurance. In an effort to make the case as slim as possible, we have designed the case to be flush with the screen. We've included a high quality screen protector for added screen protection.

Easily insert your iPhone 6 plus into the lightning output port. The battery case uses a MicroUSB input port to enable power and data transfer. You can conveniently charge and sync both the battery case and iPhone to your Macbook, PC or Laptop without having to remove the case itself. A microUSB cable is included.

Package Contents (Retail Packaging) - 1x battery case, 1x headphone adapter cable, 1x microUSB cable, 1x screen protector, 1x user manual and 1x warranty card. Alpatronix products come with an exclusive limited 1-year warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Alpatronix Limited Warranty is only available when you purchase your product from authorized Alpatronix sellers. If you purchase your product from any seller on Amazon other than or Alpatronix, you are purchasing the product without a warranty.


  • Capacity: 4000mAh Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • Input Voltage: 5.0V/1.0A
  • Output Voltage: 5.0±0.25V/1A
  • Charging Power Level: 1 Light = 25%, 2 Lights = 50%, 3 Lights = 75%, 4 Lights = 100%
  • 3.5mm Headphone Adapter Cable to plug in headphones/earbuds or auxiliary cable.
  • Standard microUSB cable (can be used for data transfer for iOS and PC compatible devices such as Macbooks and Laptops to sync music and files
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    Charge Replacement Technology

    The BX150plus is packed with a 4000mAh lithium polymer battery, which is the next generation of lithium ion batteries. More light weight and slim than the previous generation batteries, the iPhone 6 Plus charging case is able to provide you with more than 100% battery charge!

    Scratch-Guard & Shock-Proof Design

    The BX150plus iPhone 6+ charger case provides 360-degree protection against every-day scratches and dings. The rugged and heavy-duty case is shockproof, so it can offer protection against drops from up to 3 ft. or below.

    DataFuse & PowerFuse Feature

    You can charge and sync your phone with your laptop, or charge it with your iPhone wall charger using the included cable, while your phone is installed in the case. Simply connect the provided cable for charging and data transfer. The case is programmed to let your phone charge first, followed by the battery case.

    EnergyIQ Technology

    The automatic circuit protector deactivates the case when your phone is fully charged, saving the extra battery juice for later use. You can also turn off the case manually by pressing and holding the power button for a couple of seconds.

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