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Alpatronix BX400 Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Charging Case

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Alpatronix BX400 Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Charging Case (3000mAh Battery Capacity)


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The BX400 is the new Samsung Galaxy S4 battery charging case by Alpatronix. The Alpatronix BX series are built to add extra functionality to your Smartphone and keep you going when the battery indicator turns red!

Battery Case Features:

Packed with a 3000mAh capacity battery, it more than doubles the battery power of your Galaxy S4 and is the perfect companion to your Galaxy S4 almost anywhere. You can use the extra power during the day to keep you going until night-time charging, on your plane ride to avoid getting bored with in-flight entertainment, while camping, on a road trip, business trip, or any other occasion where having some more power can make the difference between enjoying your S4 and a blank screen = boredom.

The case is available in black or white color variations to match any taste, and looks like a custom-made jacket for your S4 without affecting your style one bit!

The battery case comes with a high quality mini USB charging cable that can be connected to any standard USB wall or car charger. Once installed, you no longer need to take your Galaxy S4 in and out of the case, as charging the case and S4 can take place simultaneously. Simply connect the case to a USB charger and watch both the phone battery and the case battery charge simultaneously.

The case has a built-in overcharge protection, which turns the battery charging function off when your phone battery reaches 100%. This ensures that your battery case doesn't drain of all power and saves the extra power when not needed.

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